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You may wonder if you should continue with home care in Beverly Hills during the pandemic. The answer is yes, but you should always use caution. When you think about it, senior assistance and companionship have never been more relevant for seniors today. Self-isolation and quarantine orders had left thousands of older people at home all alone when Covid-19 began. There is a lot of research that isolation such as this can lead to nutritional risks, loneliness, anxiety, and depression.


About Home Care Assistance


Senior assistance and in-home care services offer a broad range of options delivered right in the patient’s home. This may include things like injections, medication monitoring, meal preparation, rehabilitation, and much more. This kind of home care in Beverly Hills can be extremely critical for vulnerable patients, especially those at higher risk for serious complications of Covid-19.


In a world where more physicians are offering telehealth appointments, it is no wonder that people are curious as to whether or not Beverly Hills home care is a good idea. The truth is that the home health industry is booming – filled with providers that take the necessary precautions to keep themselves and their clients safe during the pandemic.


Did you know that home health services have become the preferred care method with patients and providers throughout the pandemic?


The biggest concern for many elderly adults is being isolated and not having the access they need to the outside world. Whenever possible, in-home visits offer patients a way to interact with their caregiver, enjoy exercise, have their needs met, and feel as though they are not alone. Studies have shown that many seniors in the United States that eat most meals alone will be twice as likely to feel lonely than seniors that eat meals with others.


Even before the pandemic started and forced many into isolation, a staggering number of elderly seniors across the country were already not getting enough nutrition. When you add to that the need for home care assistance, medication monitoring, and more – it is easy to see why home care in Beverly Hills remains so important even with the need for Covid-19 precautions.


Why CGT Home Care Services?


Whether you are looking for care for yourself or an aging loved one, we have all the services and caring providers you need at CGT Home Care Services. We take the time to get to know each one of our clients so that we can better determine need – thus allowing us to come up with a tailored plan that fits in with daily activities, lifestyle, and more. Not only are we family-owned, but we also offer a support team available 24/7 to address any questions or concerns that arise.


Do you want to know more about home care assistance and the various services we offer at CGT Home Care Services? You can reach out to us any time by dialing (818) 244-5897. We are happy to discuss how we address Covid-19 protocols and everything we do to ensure the safety of our team’s safety and our clients and their families.