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Are you curious about the positive impact of home care for yourself or your family? 70% of all adults will always need long-term care at some point as they get older. Research suggests that home care is effective for many adults to maintain a flexible and less disruptive space. We want you to enjoy a loving and healthy environment with personalized support to balance your entire home.

Why in-home care services?

Home care services are flexible and reliable services that take care of the chores in your home, so you have more time and energy to yourself. An experienced at-home care services provider offers more comfort and safety. The most common variety of home health services includes the following:

  • Assistance with daily activities like standing, sitting, and personal hygiene
  • Laundry and housekeeping services
  • Medication and exercise services
  • Transportation to different nearby destinations
  • Meal preparation
  • Spending some social time such as watching TV, playing games, and going on walks

Home care assistance lightens a lot of workload for senior citizens and the entire household. Here are a couple of reasons to consider home care in South Pasadena.

Benefits of home care

Fosters integrity

In-home care allows residents to live happy and healthy life without exhausting their energy on daily living chores. You want a dedicated caregiver who will run all-important errands and remember vital issues like medication and events. Our team heavily invests in supporting your daily life so you have a safe and comfortable experience.

Saving money

In-home care is a lot more affordable than sending both or more of your elderly relatives to the retirement home. Our price rates are utterly incomparable to the amount you will spend in a senior living home because you do not have to cater to accommodation and many extra facilities.

Promote socialization

Seniors choose an Beverly Hills home care to enjoy the social aspect they would also get at the retirement community. Families that want to give their home a wonderful social life thrive on in-home care services that help seniors maintain an independent life and stay happy because of the opportunity for new friendships.

The increased socialization will allow peace of mind because you can get all-rounded services with all the necessary skills. We have a range of credentials and qualifications to cater to many different services in your home, so they can get to suitable events and appointments while returning to a happy and comfortable home. This case also means you can customize as many different services as necessary, so you only get what you need and leave out the rest.

Better nutrition

Malnutrition is a common problem among older adults because it is practically impossible to do everything around the home and keep up a healthy diet. We offer meal counseling and planning senior assistance to ensure your loved ones get all the necessary elements and live a happy, well-rounded lifestyle with maximum vitality.

CGT Home Care Services offers many different packages to meet your home’s needs. Give us a call at 818-244-5897 or send a message online for more information on our home-care assistance packages.