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If you are advancing in age or helping care for an aging loved one, you may have heard of medication management. As we age, we can start developing chronic health conditions, which may require multiple medications from a couple of prescribers. Under this condition, there comes an increased risk of medication interactions, accidentally missing doses, doubling doses, or side effects. Proper medication management can help prevent these situations from occurring. Here at CGT Home Care Services, we offer home care Culver City that can help you or your loved one stay safe.

Problem That May Occur When You Don’t Have Medication Management

Dangerous Medication Interactions – It is crucial to ensure that the drug you or your loved ones are taking doesn’t have adverse medication interactions when taken together. As we age, we may sometimes forget to tell our doctors or health specialist about every medication we are currently taking. And this can lead to the physician prescribing a medication that may not be safe to take with another medication the physician is not aware of.

With an effective in-home medication management service, they can ensure that you don’t mix drugs that could be harmful when taken together. Medication management for senior assistance is particularly crucial since you may not be able to organize, manage and coordinate your current medication use as you get older.

Frailty – When you use several medications, the risk of serious injury due to falls can increase. Plus, when you take drugs that may relax your muscle or change your mental state, it is more likely that you fall. This combination is dangerous because as you increase the risk of falling, the chances that the fall could lead to several injuries, such as a fractured hip, also increase.

Early Termination of Treatment – Whether intentionally or not, older people may decide to stop taking their medications earlier than their physician instructed. Plus, they may take the wrong dose, forget to refill prescription drugs or ignore their doctor’s advice altogether. Having a professional home care provider who can help realize the benefit of sticking to instruction and using the prescribed medication plan will help ensure you don’t suffer any consequences due to mismanaging medications. Medication management through home health services will help your loved ones understand the importance of taking their medication and remind them when to take it.

Our Medicine Management Service

With our in-home care services, which cover medication management, you don’t need to move away from the comfort of your home and family to an assisted living community. Depending on your need or that of your loved one, CGT Home Care Services can offer home health services that administer prescription drugs or simply provide medication reminders. Here is an overview of the medication management services offered by CGT Home Care Services:

Help in creating medication schedule

Review medication schedule

Create a list of all prescribed and over the counter medications the patient takes

Educate patient on proper dosage and frequency

Communicate with patient’s physician for optimum result

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