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The truth is that there are people who still believe in handling every single chore in the home, even if they have a real job and children. This truth begins to fade away when you complain about how much time it takes to keep the home together and not keep every other part of your life in check. In the cases, you may end up wasting an entire weekend taking things apart and putting them back together, all while trying to keep every little detail organized and clean. How do you take control of your home to prevent everything from spurring out of control?

Light housekeeping

What kind of Beverly Hills home care services are categorized as light housekeeping? Most people understand the term to relate to what they consider as light chores in their own home. The truth is that light housekeeping is the kind of work that one personal attendant can complete. These light housekeeping duties are more accessible than most and tend to be a lot more frequent than the contrast. We notice that light housekeeping tends to center around the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom because we spend a lot of time in these rooms and therefore need a lot of cleaning and home health services.

Types of light housekeeping

There are a lot of different services that fit into this category, but the detailed list always depends on the client’s needs and the agency. Often, you will notice that the following tasks:

  • Meal preparation
  • Maintaining the plants
  • Dusting surfaces
  • Picking up clutter and waste
  • Organizing

Light housekeeping in-home care services do not include heavy tasks like moving furniture, washing windows, scrubbing the carpets, and shoveling snow. Typically, we do not handle anything that needs a lot of energy and does not make a massive difference in the daily cleanliness.

Laundry light housekeeping

Clean laundry is highly essential when you want to keep a comfortable and healthy home. You want to make sure your elderly family members have a clean change of clothes at all times and an efficient housekeeping routine. Our team spends time planning your entire laundry service during the contract to ensure efficient and properly organized personal care. Some of the ways we will handle laundry home care assistance:

  • Separating the loads with hampers according to the different kinds of fabric, colors, and the type of wash needed. This sorting stage makes it complete the laundry in time and keep every piece in an excellent state.
  • Using proper supplies to remove stains, soften the fabric, harden the weaker fabric, as well as everything else about keeping the laundry in excellent condition
  • Washing the linens and towels of senior citizens is different because many different things can happen to soil the clothes. It is up to us to determine how the laundry turns out no matter what to stay comfortable and safe.

What if your home needs deep cleaning? We have a combination of housekeeping services and look forward to helping you with everything you need when you place a request. Feel free to contact us at 818-244-5897 to learn more about our home care medical services and senior assistance.