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Personal independence is important at any age, especially for the elderly, who sometimes feel they’ve lost their freedoms. With an in-home caregiver, seniors can enjoy their day-to-day activities confidently.

Here at GGT Home Care Services, we know how to help adults live well and age well. As one of the best home care providers in California, we make daily living safer and enjoyable for seniors, letting them spend their old age in the comfort of their homes. For patients who can’t visit a doctor’s office, we engage with doctors and other health care professionals to develop care plans.

Patient’s Relationship With Our Doctor

At GGT Home Care Services, we have physicians ready to work with patients and families to determine needed services. If there are any significant changes in health status, such as new medications or new diagnoses and treatments, our doctor can make sure the care plan is modified to accommodate our patient’s medical needs. Our doctors work with our caregivers to integrate clinical needs as they arise, including scheduling lab tests, treating injections, and helping with activities of daily living.

Working With Our Doctor

Here at GGT Home Care Services, our home care staff frequently visits patients. Their reports help doctors know how well the patient’s medications and treatments work and alert them if any changes are required.

Our home care providers do not just assist with medication; they also monitor patient function with every visit and report changes to the physician when necessary. The close collaboration between doctors and our home care providers allows patients to benefit the most from their care.

Involving a doctor with a patient’s home health care plan lets the plan reflect the patient’s clinical needs, functional capacity, and maximum potential to maintain optimal health. The role of our doctor is to provide the clinical information and medical judgment that build the foundation for a successful plan. Start a discussion with us today, and let’s take the next step in your loved one’s home health care needs.

How Can We Help?

At Help at GGT Home Care Services, we offer different types of home care services to meet our clients’ needs. We provide:

Home health aides

Do your loved ones or seniors need help with everyday tasks, such as preparing meals or carrying out personal hygiene routines? Our in-home health care aides can provide 24/7 care.

Companion care

Our companion care can help your loved one with personal grooming, cleaning routines, and doctor’s appointments.

In-home nursing 

Our staffs are highly trained to care for patients with dementia, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and many other conditions.

Care management 

Let’s manage your loved one health. We can schedule doctor’s appointments, manage your loved one’s medication, organize finances, and more.

Experienced In-Home Care Monterey Park

Here at GGT Home Care Services, we have doctors available to help support your loved ones in their time of need. To learn more about our home care medical services in California, please call us at 818-244-5897.